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※カテゴリでソートすると絞り込めますが、Tofu Polter等複数のカテゴリに所属するミニオンが引っかからないので注意

1Arachnee1123INJURED: Gains +1 MP.ArachneeCommon
2Baby Tofu1113DEATH: Your Tofus charge 1 cell.TofuCommon
3Black Gobbly1123Gains +1 AR as long as you have another Gobball in play.GobballUncommon
4Black Tiwabbit1113APPEARANCE: Inflicts 1 damage.WabbitsCommon
5Boney Tiwabbit1212APPEARANCE: charge 1 cell if you have a Cawwot in play.WabbitsCommon
6Croboar1114DEATH: Inflicts 1 damage on Minions on adjacent cells.CrobakUncommon
7Dwarfants1113DEATH: The Minion who destroys the Dwarfants changes rows randomly.StubbyobsCommon
9Moogrroon1123APPEARANCE: charge 2 cells.MoogrrCommon
10Pampastuc1223Inflicts 1 damage on an allied Minion to summon it.CastucCommon
11Puddly1123RANGE: 1-2.PuddlyCommon
12Purple Larva1112APPEARANCE: Repels a Minion by 2 cells.LarvaCommon
13Ratou1123APPEARANCE: Charge the same number of cells as there are other Rats in play.RatUncommon
14Scarafly1213DEATH: Give +1 AR to your other Minions.ScaraleafCommon
16Sharkie1312Gains +1 AT as long as at least one other Minion is injured.SharkCommon
17Strichon1213Changes rows whenever an enemy Minion enters into play.StrichCommon
18Tiwabbit Wosungwee1113APPEARANCE: Gains +1 AT and +1 AR if you have a Cawwot in play.WabbitsUncommon
19Tofu Polter1123DEATH: Returns to your hand. It costs 1 AP more.Polter / TofuRare
20Tsu Tsu Mikaze1123Adds a Tsu Tsu Mikaze to your hand if it survives damage.MoskitoCommon
21White Gobbly1213Gains +1 AT as long as you have another Gobball in play.GobballUncommon
22Young Wild Sow1123Gains +1 MP as long as you have a Glai in play.BlibliCommon
24Bernardo della Carppet2222UNTARGETABLESnappperCommon
25Black Gobball2233GobballCommon
26Black Tofu2223APPEARANCE: Charge 1 cell.TofuCommon
27Blue Larva2222APPEARANCE: Each player draws 1 card.LarvaUncommon
28Blue Raspberry Jelly2112Gains +1 AT and +1 AR whenever an allied Jelly enters into play.JellyUncommon
29Cawwot202-WALL / END OF TURN: Heals your Wabbits by 1 HP.CawwotCommon